Packing / Unpacking Service

Packing for a move is no easy task. It is an art that we take serious. When dealing with your fragile China, and other breakables it's always a good idea to get them professionally packed. We have perfected our skills over the years. Whether moving from across town or even across the country we will pack you valuables to ensure safe transport. Getting professional packing when moving will also speed up the move process(saving you money). In addition we will supply boxes and supplies free of charge when we pack and move your household.

Other ways professional packing will save you money: Damage can easily happen from improperly packed boxes, reasons can range from improper boxes(*cough*grocery store boxes) to the stacking of the items. This can result in expensive damages and not to mention the sentimental value of some items. Also most movers will not offer coverage to boxes packed by you. This is why hiring professional packers will lead to a more cost effective and efficient move

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Commercial Moving

We provide a wide range of commercial services, from in office arranging to a full scale office relocation of offices large or small and, office installation and dock to dock deliveries. We will provide your office with boxes that can dropped off to your company up to a week in advance to get a jump start on packing for your move.

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Residential Moves

We offer residential moving services for small apartments to large homes, portable storage loading and/or unloading and in-house moving/rearrangements. Regardless of the size of your move, you can count on us to handle it with care and respect to ensure a stress free move. For every residential move we also provide you with up to 5 wardrobe boxes for the efficient transport of your clothes at no extra cost.

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Delivery(Pick up & drop off)

With our long established delivery service, you can count on us for moving a single or a few items from across the street or across town. You name it we can and will deliver it; mattresses , futons , fireplaces , sofas, dressers,freezers , beds, desks, tables, washer  / dryers, dishwashers , treadmills, stoves, patio furniture  refrigerators, elliptical, chairs, pool tables, recliners, dinning table, couches, massage chairs, TVs, pianos.

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Portable Storage Loading and Unloading

If you want to temporarily store some items in a storage unit without the hassle to going to a storage facility then this for you. There are plenty of companies who deal with portable storage and who will bring the unit to your doorstep, but from there your on your own. That's where we come in. With our labour only services we will show up and load, while still wrapping and protecting your items for a safe stint in these units. And when ever your ready to offload we're only a phone call away to off-load.

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