I just have a few items to move, do you still bill me hourly
Normally no, we offer great flat rates through our Pick up & Drop off Delivery Service

When do you guys work
We operate 7 days a week, our day usually begin at 8:00 am and we work until all work is completed

Do you protect my belongings/home
YES! we use extra-thick blankets on your furniture and shrink wrap to protect it and we will lay out blankets or carpet runners on your floors

I can't take apart my furniture, will the guys be mad
Not at all, each truck comes equipped with tools, so disassemble or reassembly will not be a problem

When does the clock start
The clock starts as soon as the truck arrives at your residence and stops when the last item from the truck is place in its location

Are you insured
Yes we are

Do I have to tip
That is completely up to you, you are not obligated to tip

Will I receive a receipt
Yes, you will receive an invoice detailing all your charges